Lifegroups & Men / Women

LifeGroups are small groups of friendly people who hang out and do life together during the week. Lifegroups meet at homes, restaurants, parks, or where ever! These groups include fellowship, prayer, Bible study, support, and accountability. Sometimes they include sports, games or food. Many groups are limited due to size and meeting places so grab a friend and start your own group today! Groups can happen at any time any place!

Band of Brothers Enid  –  Facebook page here

men 2Men’s group meets the first Saturday of each month at 8am at the church. click here for study guide

see picts of Father Son Camp out here… (1) (2)(3)(4)

The Ladies group meets every week. Other groups meet throughout the week at various times and places. Call Marshall 580-478-3353 for men, or Tasha 580-551-9901 for Ladies.


Download and print the “talk it over” questions from this weeks message here.